4x4 specialist issues winter warning to motorists


North Eastern 4x4 is warning motorists to take the proper precautions this winter to prevent any unnecessary accidents.

Temperatures are expected to drop, with some forecasters predicting a big freeze and adverse weather conditions, which could mean motorists will have to deal with roads covered in ice and snow, as well as fog and rain.

In preparation, Warren Portues, co-owner of North Eastern 4x4, is advising motorists to have their vehicles properly checked and to follow some key winter driving tips.

Warren is calling on drivers to take action and check:

• The steering and suspension

• Brake pads and discs, as well as the tyre tread depth and pressures

• Oil and windscreen washer bottle levels

• Coolant/ anti-freeze level

• Ensure all lights, indicators and horns are working correctly, especially as the nights become darker. In dark, snowy conditions, it also ideal to clear all snow from the lights and indicators as this will ensure fellow motorists will be able to see you clearly

• Installing winter tyres is another precaution to take over the winter period, as they offer better grip, which allows motorists to safely brake on snow and ice.

In addition, Warren has his own winter driving tips and a list of things to keep in the car, in case of an emergency:

• With a lack of grip on the roads, caused by the change in weather, the handling and brakes are likely to be affected, so be sure to allow for shorter stopping times

• In severe cases, it is advisable to have a blanket, a torch and some food stored away in your vehicle. Having a shovel is also a must, as, if you’re stuck in the snow, it could be the difference between digging your car out and being left stranded

• Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged or have a phone charger that is suitable for use in your vehicle

Warren Portues, co-owner of North Eastern 4x4, said: “Temperatures can drop to extremely low levels during winter, which can impact heavily on the condition of our roads. A comprehensive winter check is imperative and can offer you peace of mind and ensure your vehicle is safe on the roads. Even 4x4s, which are excellent in bad weather, should be fully checked before the adverse weather begins.

“The last thing people need, especially at this time of year, is any unnecessary issues concerning their vehicles. It may seem an extra task on the to-do list, but allowing the proper maintenance and preparing your vehicle for winter, can save you a lot of hassle and money.”

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